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D-EEMG c/n 21058150. ex HB-CMG < N3650Y. New to whole web! Nice looking C210 based at Hodenhagen seen here standing at Oberhub on a cloudy afternoon. (mehr von D-EEMG)
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Final approach runway 28 with D-EOIC Piper Archer 28 inbound Donauwrth-Genderkingen airport on a cloudy and very windy day. Since 8 weeks Regensburg has no longer high trees around the airport. Now it's much more difficult to approach the airport because of unpredictable wind shears. Note that the runway has a gradient when approaching via runway 28. We were just needing about 400m with the Piper and the landing was no problem. Oberhub is a nice small airfield and very commendable.
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D-EJUM c/n 1165. ex G-AFFJ and (D-EDIX). Built in 1938. Photographed with Pentax 67 on Fujicolor Reala (mehr von D-EJUM)
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D-EJUM c/n 1165. ex G-AFFJ and (D-EDIX). Built in 1938. Santa Claus @ Regensburg-Oberhub (mehr von D-EJUM)
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Lovely aircraft-carrier landings on this 650m Runway :-)