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D-KBLS parked on the "apron" - very nice landscape in the background ! (mehr von D-KBLS)
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D-ECCS c/n 11466. Built in 1970. Performing some touch-and-goes. (mehr von D-ECCS)
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D-FAIR had to stay on the ground because of very poor weather conditions... Photo taken during Blomberg airshow (mehr von D-FAIR)
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D-HBEE takes off at this bad weathered day...Look at the Spotter inside with his son:-) Photo taken during Blomberg (EDVF) airshow (mehr von D-HBEE)
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89+57 The cockpit of this beauty. Thanks a lot to the crew for allowing me this shot on that bad weathered day... Photo taken during Blomberg (EDVF) airshow... (mehr von 89+57)
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Old Cessna with US-Registration during Blomberg Air show
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Nice An2 at Blomberg Air show.
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Spectacular! The pilot does some donuts with his smoke system on the ground. Photo taken during Blomberg Air show
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D-GADA in Lufthansa GDR colours during Blomberg Airshow. (mehr von D-GADA)