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99+48 Gateguard at Husum-Schwesing (military entrance), sorry for the sign. A better angle from this sign isnt possible. (mehr von 99+48)
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This former German Air Force Fiat 99+43 was sprayed in an attrachtive livery by an local Graffitti-club. On the civil part of Airport Husum-Schwesing.
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99+48 Stored as a gate guard at this small airport. (mehr von 99+48)
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30+08 of LeKG41 landing at home-base Husum (mehr von 30+08)
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34+13 of LeKG41 coming in to land at home base Husum (mehr von 34+13)
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99+43 Parked in front of a hangar of the former military apron. Thanks for the man in the tower of the civil part of the airport for the permission making this pic. (mehr von 99+43)
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56+35 Assigned to LeKG 41 based at Husum. In liason role together with Piaggio P-149D and T-33 also displayed in this flightline (mehr von 56+35)
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32+54 A/c assigned to LeKG41 based at Husum. Note the big 32 Stormo (Italian Air Force) patch beneath the cockpit resulting from a squadron exchange with this unit. (mehr von 32+54)
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32+54 Wonderfull shark-mouth decorated "Gina" (nick-name for the G.91)of LeKG41 during NATO exercise "Bull's Eye" held at Husum AB. See respective patch on the tailplane. Note also blue training bomblets under the outer wing pylons. (mehr von 32+54)
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32+47 Flight line of LeKG41 "Ginas" (nick-name of the G.91) at Husum AB (mehr von 32+47)


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82+01 Assigned to MFG 5 for SAR duties. a/c based at Kiel (mehr von 82+01)