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Overview of Silverstone race circuit, home to the British Grand Prix. Years ago it was possible to fly fixed wing aircraft into here but with so much work and development of the race circuit is only available to helicopters now.
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Aerial view of Silverstone race circuit and former airfield after much work being done and new circuit layout. Home of the British Formula 1 Grand Prix.
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Aerial view of the Formula 1 race circuit and one time airfield. Nowadays the airfield is only used for helicopters on race days
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G-BOUM c/n 34-7670136. ex N8401C. With me being a F1 fan, it certainly was great fun to fly around the Silverstone track at low level! Runway 06/24 (not used anymore if I'm correct) and the helicopter 06H/24H in view aswell as the whole south eastern part of the track. Including chapel, hangar straight, stowe corner, abbey curve and club corner. (mehr von G-BOUM)