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Aerial view of the Brooklands Museum, home to many British classics including Vickers VC10, Viscount, Viking, Vanguard BAC 1-11 and Concorde
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N2980 A very rare photo opportunity to photograph the Wellington outside as it is moved from it's temporary shelter back in to the main refurbished hangar where it will be permanently displayed inside. Raised from Loch Ness in 1985 (mehr von N2980)


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Aerial view of the aircraft park at Brooklands Museum featuring Concorde, VC10, Viscount, Vanguard, Viking, Varsity, BAC 1-11 and others
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Home originally to the Vickers aircraft factory producing Viscounts, Vanguards, VC10 and many other earlier types. Now home to the Brooklands Museum featuring aviation and motoring. Note the original banked racing circuit. The main runway is now part of the test circuit for Mercedes World.
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G-ARVM Cockpit view restoration work still in progress. This aircraft was displayed at Cosford for many years before being broken up and the fuselage section moved here in 2006 (mehr von G-ARVM)
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XT575 The nose section inside and outside has been restored and now open for display (mehr von XT575)
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G-ARVM Interior view of the main cabin with restoration work still in progress. (mehr von G-ARVM)
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G-APEJ Since arriving here in 1995 and being outside the Vanguard nose section has been painted to represent the prototype aircraft and placed on display inside the refurbished stratosphere chamber (mehr von G-APEJ)
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XN586 A recent arrival from nearby Kingston College (mehr von XN586)
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G-AZLP Arrived from NEAM Museum at Sunderland where it had been in temporary storage for the now closed museum at Millom. Once operated by British Midland Airways and after being withdrawn was used at the Fire Training School at Durham Tees Valley airport. (mehr von G-AZLP)
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G-CONC Originally displayed at the main entrance to London Heathrow airport until replaced by an A380 model. Stored for a few years at the Brooklands Museum and now repainted in 1970's livery and displayed in this angled pose outside the main entrance to the museum (mehr von G-CONC)
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G-APIM Recently repainted with the correct fuselage titles. Built in 1958 (mehr von G-APIM)