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XL621 Previously displayed at Brooklands Museum, Wears a small civil registration G-BNCX (mehr von XL621)
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G-CIVW Arrived at Dunsfold from Cardiff 22nd October 2020 (mehr von G-CIVW)
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G-BNLY Arrived at Dunsfold from Cardiff on 5th December 2020 and is one of three British Airways B747's in the retro colour scheme. This one is painted in the 1990's 'Landor' colour scheme which is the livery the aircraft was delivered in from new. (mehr von G-BNLY)
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G-BDXJ This ex British Airways and European Aviation B747 arrived by air on a short flight from Gatwick several years ago and is now used for filming and corporate work. Note the modified engines and false registration N88892 from when it was used for filiming in the James Bond film 'Casino Royale' (mehr von G-BDXJ)
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ZA150 This VC10 arrived here on 24th September 2013 and was the penultimate flight of any VC10. Still kept in liev taxying condition and looked after by Brooklands Museum (mehr von ZA150)
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ZA150 This was the last VC10 built and first flew in 1970 before being delivered to East African Airways. This is the final landing for this aircraft and has now flown to Dunsfold under the care of the Brooklands Museum. This was the penultimate flight of a VC10 with the final flight the following day with ZA147 flying to Bruntingthorpe (mehr von ZA150)
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Aerial view of the former BAe site where Harriers and Hunters were built. Today it is used by the BBC for filming the motoring programme 'Top Gear'. The B747 G-BDXJ arrived in May 2005 and is used for filming work.
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Dunsfold Airfield whilst on approach to LGW. The plane on the runway is the Boeing 747 used in the latest James Bond film 'Casino Royale'
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