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XV202 This is the last RAF C-130K Mk.3 to be retired, which served from 1967 to 2011. It was handed over in Sept. 2013 to RAF Museum Cosford for display. (mehr von XV202)
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TG511 Crowded with an Avro York on the left, a Dakota above and Short Belfast to the rear, space is at a premium in the Cold War gallery at RAF Museum Cosford. This Hastings was built in 1948 and served with No. 47 Sqn. during the Berlin Airlift. By 1955 it was flying in the weather reconnaissance role with No. 202 Sqn. It went later to Strike Command Bombing School followed by Radar Training Flight till retired in 1977. (mehr von TG511)


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G-AOVF Painted with false RAF markings of 'XM497' at the RAF Museum (mehr von G-AOVF)
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XR220 RAF Museum Night photo shoot. A very opportunity to be able to photograph this outside of the hangar (mehr von XR220)
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L-866 After many years of being hangared under cover the Catalina is now outside at the RAF Museum, Cosford (mehr von L-866)
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