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EP-IRR Cockpit in good condition! After landing from Doha. (mehr von EP-IRR)
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EP-IRR Onboard Iran Air's weekly Doha - Shiraz flight which is operated with a B727, which was certainly not in the best shape...! Shortly after take off from DOH towards the North, you can see The Pearl Qatar which is exactly in the middle of the picture, don't miss the huge villa on one of the private 'islands'. On the upper right hand side, you can see the first buildings of the project 'Lusail City' and you can see the desert starting as well, as The Pearl is currently the northernmost district in Doha.. Photo taken from seat 2A, taken with 16mm, thus sorry for the bad cropping! (mehr von EP-IRR)
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EP-IRR after a week in Dubai I finally managed to catch the Iran Air 727 (mehr von EP-IRR)
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EP-IRR still going strong - build in 1974 (mehr von EP-IRR)


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