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EP-SHV Rare cabin shot inside one of the last 707s! This aicraft has received an updated cabin, compared to its sistership EP-SHG and still looked very good, despite of its age. Is anyone able to tell me the headline of the newspaper? (mehr von EP-SHV)
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EP-SHV sadly no sun on this nice plane (mehr von EP-SHV)
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EP-SHV Boarding my first 707 flight ever, from Tehran to Kish. (mehr von EP-SHV)
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EP-SHV Flying in a time machine... enroute from THR to Kish Island. The cabin design looks older than the aircraft actually is (built in 1976) as it was converted from a military role. You can see all the way through to the cockpit! (mehr von EP-SHV)
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EP-SHV Flight from Tehran (THR) to Assaluyeh (YEH). Great view from seat 7A to the best looking engines worldwide! (mehr von EP-SHV)