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G-ORAL Avro Heritage Museum. The complete aircraft was broken up at Blackpool and the nose section was displayed at Liverpool before moving to Woodford. (mehr von G-ORAL)
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G-OPFW Broken up at Blackpool then temporarily at the now closed museum at Millom arriving here in 2011 (mehr von G-OPFW)
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G-ORAL c/n 1756. Built in 1977. Arrived here in 2011 from Newark Museum. Displayed at the Crowne Plaza Hotel which is the old airport terminal building which has been converted to a hotel. (mehr von G-ORAL)
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G-ORAL Broken up at Blackpool after being wfu and the nose seen here at Newark Air Museum (mehr von G-ORAL)
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G-ATMI bu at Blackpool and the nose section moved here by road. Features parts from other HS748's using the fron tdoor from G-BVOU (Lynx) and part of the red Parcelforce aircraft (mehr von G-ATMI)
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G-JEMX overview over storage area in Southend. (mehr von G-JEMX)
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G-BVOU Still awaits its fate,although it has moved its position on the ramp (mehr von G-BVOU)
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G-AYIM Around 40 years old and flying again i'm glad to see ,this time with Jane,s Aviation (mehr von G-AYIM)
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G-BVOV c/n 1777. ex CS-TAO. With the other 748s waiting for a new owner, but time I think is running out. (mehr von G-BVOV)
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G-BVOU c/n 1721. ex (G-11-6) and CS-TAH. Has been standing here for a long time, I think time is running out that they will ever fly again. (mehr von G-BVOU)
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After its licence was lost most of the fleet were stored at blackpool hopeing to find a new life with some other operator there are amix of schemes in the fleet as can be seen, i dont think some will grace the skies again
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G-JEMB Looking forlorne as it awaites its fate hopefuly a new owner. (mehr von G-JEMB)
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G-ATMJ A sad day in Blackpoll to see all these old birds awaiting to be scrapped (mehr von G-ATMJ)
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G-JEMC Stored in Blackpool after the closure of Emerald (mehr von G-JEMC)
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G-JEMC Very sad to see three Emerald planes stored at Blackpool! (mehr von G-JEMC)