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MM61890 Outside the Facolt di Ingegneria Aerospaziale four aircrafts can be found, including from left to right: MM61890 P166, MM6282 G91, MM54214 MB326, MM51-4418 T-33A (mehr von MM61890)
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MM51-4418 New registration for this airplane in disuse from years. Behind always it abandons to you,there are Aermacchi MB-326,Fiat G-91R/1 and Piaggio P166. The four airplane are with in the perimeter of the airport of Forl (mehr von MM51-4418)
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I-LINF WindJet One Three Zero Zero takes off from runway 30 at Forli Airport (LIPK). (mehr von I-LINF)
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RA-69314 Aviast An 12 taking off from Forli Airport (LIPK) runway 30. (mehr von RA-69314)