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VP-BUO c/n: 3336; first flight November 30, 2007; named: K. Malevich. (mehr von VP-BUO)
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RA-65759 Enroute LED-SVO, flight FV129. Window view from the row next to the last a few minutes after take off and sunrise. (mehr von RA-65759)
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636 (export number: 10519) This Mil Mi-8 was preserved at the old museum Butzweilerhof near Cologne during the 1990's. After that museum was closed this Mi-8 was stored at Bonn - Hangelar (BNJ / EDKB). Early 2002 the helicopter was brought to Kall, Germany and in 2003 the original East German Army (NVA - Nationale Volks Armee) camouflage colors were overpainted with this German Navy dark blue. Coordinate: N5033'06'' E0634'15''
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UN-11012 c/n 401801, ex LZ-SFR, EK-12001, RA-11345 and CCCP-11345 . (mehr von UN-11012)


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69-019 c/n: D19; the oldest Turkish Transall just before take off after a one hour visit at Findel. (mehr von 69-019)
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D-ALPI c/n: 828; just arriving from Toulouse on delivery flight, ex F-WWKI. (mehr von D-ALPI)
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B-6171 C/n: 2431; ex N112CG (Air Madrid) EC-JQU and N811BR (Independence Air). Still waiting for delivery. (mehr von B-6171)
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D-HZPM c/n 56 3150 103. Built in 1973. This Mil was delivered to the East German Air Force as 401. Later it was allocated for the East German Police as DDR-VGI, but not taken up. After the german reunion it was regd. to D-HZPM, operating for the Berlin Police. The registration was cancelled in September 1993. Since the mid 1990's ex D-HZPM is preserved in a playground of a camping site on the island Borkum. Position: N5335'36'' E0640'36'' (mehr von D-HZPM)
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D-HMUZ c/n 7100; "Christoph 26" is just departing from the boardwalk of the island Borkum, to fly a patient to a hospital on the mainland. A real event for the vacationists. (mehr von D-HMUZ)
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TC-SKH c/n 29644/2231; named "Rainbow". Just arriving from Seattle via Gander as SHY001F on its delivery flight. (mehr von TC-SKH)
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B-6170 c/n 2396; ex N101LF; ex ex EC-JQT (Air Madrid). (mehr von B-6170)
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RA-26024 c/n 103 06 ; opf. Arkhangelsk Airlines (AVL) (mehr von RA-26024)
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RA-26021 c/n 102 08 . Sold to Madagascar in 1999 as 5R-MVP . (mehr von RA-26021)
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