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TC-JAO aircraft {Org Regs.PH-ZBA} Crashed Izmir-Cumaovasi Airport, Turkey 26 January 1974. 66 Killed. The F-28 Fellowship aircraft became airborne after a ground run on runway 35 of approx. 3200 feet. At a height of 8-10m the aircraft suddenly yawed left and pitched nose-down. The aircraft contacted the ground again and struck a drainage ditch, skidded, disintegrated and caught fire. The aircraft had just accumulated 2269 flying hours in 3133 flights. (mehr von TC-JAO)


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FAC0002 c/n 11992. Colombian vice-president arriving for the opening ceremony of F-AIR 2008 Colombia and Mr. Santiago Escobar doing his job. (mehr von FAC0002)
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FAP390 of Gruppo 8, for maintenance by Fokker at Schiphol (mehr von FAP390)