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G-LCYE c/n 17000296. A very comfortable ride in this spacious and bright cabin. And no more middle seats when flying BA to/from London City Airport! The Embraer 170/190 will replace all our BAe146 RJ's. (mehr von G-LCYE)
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G-EUNA c/n 4007. The baby Airbus with a big weight on it's shoulders begins another day of crew training at London City. I must admit she looks really nice. (mehr von G-EUNA)
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Departing Nice to London City Airport on a Oktet 4E departure from runway 04R. We got a nice shortcut enabling this great overview.
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CS-DSA c/n 30. ex F-WWZR. Now that's just stunning! Thanks to the captain for his assistance. (mehr von CS-DSA)
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Such a gorgeous day here in LCY. Coming in from Edinburgh in the early hours and looking towards downtown London.
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After takeoff from 04R to London City onboard BA8478 we get this magnificant view as we turn north. An Air France Airbus on 04R and the Emirates 77E has just landed on 04L. Spot the Qatar Airbus A330?
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A6-ERF 'Emirates 088' to Dubai is about to turn onto the active runway 34 at Zurich as seen from the tarmac. (mehr von A6-ERF)
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3B-NBI (cn 793) In the cruise as we cross the Alps towards Mauritius as the sun starts to set. (mehr von 3B-NBI)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #706075 / 859 Aufrufe
G-BZAW (cn E3354) Positioning into London City on quite a nice summers afternoon. (mehr von G-BZAW)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #682595 / 726 Aufrufe
3B-NBJ (cn 800) Beautiful sunset view as we exit the hold after a 11hr 40min flight from Mauritius. Enjoy... (mehr von 3B-NBJ)
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3B-NBI (cn 793) "Le Flamboyant". Air Mauritius 053 from London Heathrow on final approach after 11hr and 30min. What a view! (mehr von 3B-NBI)
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3B-NBI (cn 793) "Le Flamboyant". Air Mauritius 053 about one hour out of London Heathrow on it's way to Mauritius. Loadfactor should have been around 70%. The PTV's are nice but the seats are more than terrible! (mehr von 3B-NBI)


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3B-NBJ "Le Chamarel". Air Mauritius 046 leaves this turquoise surrounded island for a 11h 40min flight to London Heathrow. You can spot the airport just forward of the winglet. Terrible seat pitch and food offset by great views from seat 36A. And what a way to end my wedding/honeymoon. (mehr von 3B-NBJ)
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G-CPES (cn 29114/793) Shuttle 8 Charlie holding in position on 27R for a 1 hour hop to Edinburgh. Infront a BMI A319 departs to Aberdeen. My thanks to the entire friendly crew. (mehr von G-CPES)
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G-CFAA (cn E3373) After a 1hr 40min flight from London City we're about to land on runway 35R. (mehr von G-CFAA)
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PH-DMS (cn 20209) Just landed on 18R in the early hours. (mehr von PH-DMS)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #660943 / 302 Aufrufe
G-EZAN (cn 2765) Easy 012 from Edinburgh on finals in the early morning. Very nice countryside I must admit. (mehr von G-EZAN)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #659969 / 114 Aufrufe
877 Anti-Submarine Grumman S-2 at the Yesilkoy Air Force Museum.
Email Autor Korrektur ID #659760 / 3690 Aufrufe
Being vectored through the ILS for a left hand circuit on this perfect morning. Aboard a BA Cityflyer RJ100 as Flyer 93Z from Edinburgh. Can you also spot the runway used for the Red Bull Air Race held here on The Thames about two weeks ago?
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Flyer 63Zulu is on final runway 28 from Edinburgh with lots of landmarks that make this airport even more spectacular
Email Autor Korrektur ID #630873 / 38 Aufrufe
G-BYZJ (cn 24962/2139) Setting out at dusk. Taken from the viewing park. (mehr von G-BYZJ)
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OE-HBB (cn 541) I've never had the pleasure to see this airline in real time up to now. (mehr von OE-HBB)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #630838 / 51 Aufrufe
G-OBYE (cn 28979/691) Making her way to runway 06L for a dusk departure, most likely to a very nice location. (mehr von G-OBYE)
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G-EZAN (cn 2765) Easy 012 from Edinburgh turning left in the climb to FL370 towards Luton. (mehr von G-EZAN)
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G-EZAN (cn 2765) My thanks to the crew for the flightdeck visit. (mehr von G-EZAN)