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LN-NGN Overview of three out the ten stored Norwegian Air Shuttle B737 at Kemble and 3B-NBH an Airbus A319 of Air Mauritius in the background (mehr von LN-NGN)
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G-CIVB Also parked alongside the retro schemed British Airways 'Negus' B747 is TF-AAC B747 and four Norwegian B737. (mehr von G-CIVB)
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46 Airliners awaiting their future whether they be to fly again after storage or some for parting out.
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Just one view of the many stored airliners, some for storage and some for parting out. Visible here are 6 B747, a B727, an A340, 3 ex Norwegian B737, Easyjet A319, ten TAP Air Portugal A319 and an Air Mauritius A319 3B-PBH
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EC-MFA Parked alongside G-CIVN B747-400 of British Airways and the classic B727-200 M-FTOH (mehr von EC-MFA)
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G-BYGA Of the nine British Airways B747's that arrived there are only two still waiting to be broken up. Parked alongside is ex Saudia/Air Atlanta B747 TF-AAH (mehr von G-BYGA)


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F-GTUI Parked alongside is ex Saudia B747 TF-AAH (mehr von F-GTUI)
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TF-AAD Last operated by Saudia and parked alongside is the last two of nine ex British Airways B747-400's waiting to be broken up (mehr von TF-AAD)
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G-CIVB One of the three retro schemed British Airways B747-400's which have been saved. This one is in the 1970's retro 'Negus' colour scheme. The BOAC aircraft G-BYGC is preserved at St Athan and the Landor aircraft G-BNLY at Dunsfold (mehr von G-CIVB)
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Airport overview with eight British Airways B747-400's and another seven B747's, the most there has ever been present at one time at Kemble.
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F-HSEA One of two Corse Air B747-400's stored with two Jet 2 B757's G-LSAD and G-LSAH (mehr von F-HSEA)
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VP-CMS ex Qatar Airways with G-BYGA one of nine B747-400's of British Airways on the airfield (mehr von VP-CMS)
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