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HC-CDY Arriving from GYE and UIO...This Islands are the paradise! If you want to flight through Galapagos Islands visit www.borisforero.com (mehr von HC-CDY)
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HC-BSV Dropped at UIO. These planes will be scrapped. Perhaps the last we see! (mehr von HC-BSV)
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HC-CDZ Rotating of the irregular RWY at GALAPAGOS! It was pretty exciting and dangerous to do this photoshoot. The pilots cooperated very well with me! THANK YOU! (mehr von HC-CDZ)
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HC-CDZ As i thanked the cockpit crew for my jumpseat ride, they asked me for some pics to be taken for to pp.net. Here we see the copilot. (mehr von HC-CDZ)
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HC-CDY Look at those BEAUTIFAL ISLANDS IN THE BACK! These are the Galapagos! This is paradise! (mehr von HC-CDY)
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HC-CDY Coming in to the paradise Galapagos Islands! Arriving from a 1:43 minute flight from GYE. In the back two small islands! (mehr von HC-CDY)
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HC-CDY My plane back to GYE and UIO just landed. Taken from the Control tower at GPS. Amazing view! Thanks to the GPS people for helping me! (mehr von HC-CDY)