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D-BADO Nice to see some foreign aircraft in George. (mehr von D-BADO)
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ZS-OMS Waiting for its next flight from George, in the warm midday sun, showing Airlink's new colours. (mehr von ZS-OMS)
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ZS-IHX c/n TH-94. Being pulled out of the hangar. (mehr von ZS-IHX)
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ZS-OTM flight from Cape Town is arriving with SA Airlink Embraer 135. See how many workers are available for this plane. (mehr von ZS-OTM)
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ZS-MBP Probably on a training mission. Belongs to the local flying club. New addition to the database. (mehr von ZS-MBP)
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ZS-OMS The airline is the biggest operator of J41s in the world! The window cleaner has just finished and will now go and take some rest in the shade, as the sun was burning like hell that day. (mehr von ZS-OMS)
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ZS-MFY Scanned from a print this DC3(converted to C47A trubo) taxied out and did an engine run as we were waiting for our flight to Capetown. Now sat at Lanseria in an all white scheme with red cross markings. (mehr von ZS-MFY)