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DH+DE Wreckage of a Taifun at the Luftwaffenmuseum with the Argus As 10c inverted V-8 engine visible and some traces of dark blue paint. Thought to have been built in Regensburg in 1939, its registration could also be DA+DE, DR+DE or DH+BE. It may have been part of Jagdfliegerschule 3 (JFS 3) based at Stolp-Reitz. Or it is from 2./JG 103 based at Parow, as a Taifun was shot down from above over Ruegen on 14.12.44, as bullet holes indicate. It was recovered in Nov. 2009.
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170 On display at Luftwaffenmuseum Gatow. These aircraft served as advanced jet trainers and in the target towing role with Fliegerausbildungsgeschwader 25 (FAG-25) at Bautzen and Zieldarstellungskette 33 (ZDK-33) at Peenem�nde. This aircraft was one of two used by ZDK-33 of the NVA from 1980 to 1990 for target towing, in which the rear cockpit contained a cable drum. (mehr von 170)
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596 On display at the Luftwaffenmuseum. This MiG-21M flew with Jagdfliegergeschwader 9 (JG-9) "Heinrich Rau" based at Peenumuende in August 1969 till it was handed over to the Officer's School at Kamenz in 1975 due to technical problems. The NVA operated 89 of this type. (mehr von 596)
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D-HATE On display at the Luftwaffenmuseum. (mehr von D-HATE)
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G1+AD Luftwaffenmuseum Berlin Gatow (mehr von G1+AD)
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35+41 Luftwaffenmuseum Berlin Gatow (mehr von 35+41)
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682060 Built by Focke-Wulf in Bremen in 1944. The wreck has been restored by using original and new Flugwerk parts (mehr von 682060)
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D-IBAO Paul Straehle had founded Germany's very first airline after WW I. This aircraft was modified for aerial phothography in the thirties. (mehr von D-IBAO)
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