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N8252T c/n CE-1545. Built in 1990. Back home after a night mission. (mehr von N8252T)
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SE-DMN , c/n 53209 ex. EC-FFA with Iberia and reportedly Spanair, now registered to SAS, arrived here a few days ago. In the background, HA-LOF and some UA 735 can be seen. (mehr von SE-DMN)
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N413BC c/n 25614. ex EI-DNH (KrasAir) < 9H-ABS (Air Malta). Built in 1993. Stored in KGYR. (mehr von N413BC)
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N548MD Orient Thai A/L took delivery of B744 HS-STC (26548 ex 9V-SMN, B-HKD, N548MD) at Bangkok. This aircraft had been stored at Goodyear, AZ as N548MD (registered to WFBN) & had previously served with Cathay Pacific A/W &, prior to that, with Singapore A/L. (mehr von N548MD)
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N14655 It's quite a sad sight to see so many aircraft awaiting their fate, but a lot of planes that park on the Goodyear "field" find a new life with another airline after a few months of waiting. (mehr von N14655)
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F-GSKY Resting here at GYR since 07/2007 and unable to move by itself cause its engines sold. In the backdrop a Gadair 752, Indian Airlines A320 (VT-EYH) and United Airways 733 (N308UA) are visible. (mehr von F-GSKY)


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N5609S c/n CE-1454. Built in 1990. The smallest aircraft in Lufthansa colours! Even at boxing day, ATCA doesn't stop flying and unlike other flight schools, they start training on complex high-performance aircraft right from the beginning. (mehr von N5609S)
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VT-EYH is one of the three Indian A320s currently parked in the fields of GYR with a whole lot of other aircraft mainly consisting of United and Continental metal. It's quite a sad sight to see so many aircraft awaiting their fate. (mehr von VT-EYH)
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N652AP between April 2008 & Sept. 2009 this former Girjet was waiting for a new owner at GYR. (mehr von N652AP)
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PR-VAF with another former Varig B763 behind... (mehr von PR-VAF)
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N307UA two ex UA B737 in new cls, two ex UA B737 in old cls and former UA DC10F visible (mehr von N307UA)
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N904UA old cls, N919UA new cls, G-BYAA ex Thomson, and a white B747 behind (mehr von N904UA)
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N765TA Former SX-BMD of Olympic and Macedonian (mehr von N765TA)
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I-LINB In process for being stored or scrapped : Varig B763, two CO B737, US Airways B757, two UA B737, Air Blue A321 and the former Scirocco A320 of MyAir (mehr von I-LINB)