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HS-TMG Starting a left turn after take off on RWY 16 (mehr von HS-TMG)
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HS-TMD Thai's first MD-11 in the new livery, seen after take off on RWY 16 for flight TG 971 to Bangkok with the Swiss A330 HB-IQO in the background (flight LX 086 to Montreal) (mehr von HS-TMD)
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HS-TNA First visit of Thai's new A340-600 at Zurich-Airport, senn on short final to RWY 34, completing flight TG 970 from Bangkok (mehr von HS-TNA)
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HS-TMF Short after take off on RWY 16 for flight TG 0971 to Bangkok Intl. Airport (mehr von HS-TMF)
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9V-SPI short after take off on RWY 16 for flight SQ 0345 to Singapore (mehr von 9V-SPI)
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CS-TTP First visit of TAP A319 at Zurich-Airport in new livery (mehr von CS-TTP)