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G-LOSM Wears serial WM167. Arrived by air from Coventry on the 5th January 2019 but is no longer to fly. (mehr von G-LOSM)
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17 Preserved in the yard of the Israeli aviation and space museum, located in Rishon Le'Zion Airfield. (mehr von 17)


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WH291 ex SWWAPS Museum, Lasham. Now reassembled and complete since my last picture here in 2012 (mehr von WH291)
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WK935 On display at RAF Museum Cosford. This experimental Meteor had the pilot flying from a prone position, accompanied by a safety pilot in the rear cockpit. The design was to be have been used in a Bristol Aeroplane rocket-powered interceptor. (mehr von WK935)
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17 Presented at the Aviation museum in Rishon Le-zion airstrip (mehr von 17)
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