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HI-717CT Taking off with full fuel and empty PAX. The reason is that this aircraft will go to La Romana (LRM) to take an A-330 crew to Cancun (CUN) in positional flight. (mehr von HI-717CT)
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HI-767CT What a shiny helicopter! It is very usual that after each flight, a man start to clean all Helidosa helicopters. Iberia have so much to learn... (mehr von HI-767CT)
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HI-245SP Lined up runway 01 at Herrera airport, before take off clearance for touch and goes and after, going to Las Amricas (SDQ) for more touch and goes. Note the panel made with wood... It is like a BMW car! (mehr von HI-245SP)
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HI-746CA Just arrived. Note "Santo Domingo 2003" Panamerican Olympic Gameslogo still in the nose. (mehr von HI-746CA)
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HI-245SP In final runway 19 Herrera airport for touch and go. (mehr von HI-245SP)
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HI-758CT Taking off with a non-usual black paint. Photo taken before my training flight on board a Cessna 150. (mehr von HI-758CT)
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N23045 On its morning dialy flight to San Juan de Puerto Rico. (mehr von N23045)
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HI-760CT Beauty aircraft... This airport (Herrera International) is used for domestic flights and private flights in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) Also is used for flights to the capital of Haiti (Port au Prince) Puerto Rico and other two destination inside PR island that I dont remember... (mehr von HI-760CT)