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HZ-AIU On final runway 02 with the first golden sunrays of the day. (mehr von HZ-AIU)
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HZ-AIU This classic Jumbo is my 800th pic online! Always great to see one of these old ladys in the air! (mehr von HZ-AIU)
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HZ-AIU now operating with the 747 to Vienna - instead of the MD-11 (mehr von HZ-AIU)
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HZ-AIU Strange situation today, during August 1st till August 24th RWY 25R/07L was closed for works and the strong winds came from the south so only the RWY 20 was used for T/O and Landings. But suddenly, this aircraft lands on 25L. As you can see only 2 reversers were in action. Problem with the 2 others? (mehr von HZ-AIU)