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TC-JRD Approaching IST, the immense dimensions of the city is visible here... (mehr von TC-JRD)
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TC-JRD Over either Edirne or Tekirdag province in Turkey, approaching Istanbul... Some interesting cloud visible, too... (mehr von TC-JRD)
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TC-JRD Enroute on a just 2:20 hours flight from Berlin Tegel to Istanbul... (mehr von TC-JRD)
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D-AICK Condor Berlin with Snoopy and Woodstock! (mehr von D-AICK)
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A6-EDF Finally boarding my first A380 flight enroute to DXB. (mehr von A6-EDF)
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HS-TDF Shortly after take off from Phuket to Bangkok Don Muang, you are able to see the beautiful small islands of Thailand which are the highlight of every trip! (mehr von HS-TDF)
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HS-TAH With the beautiful mountains of North Thailand in the background! (mehr von HS-TAH)
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HS-TDA After a flight from Bangkok Don Muang! Nok Air is definitely one of the best airlines to fly in Thailand! One drink and a "crab-roll"-sandwich are for free! (mehr von HS-TDA)
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HS-TDA Landing in Chiang Mai after a one hour flight from Bangkok Don Muang! (mehr von HS-TDA)
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HS-TDA Shortly after a long and bumpy take off from Bangkok Don Muang to Chiang Mai CNX (mehr von HS-TDA)
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HS-TDA Ramp overview including N570JH and HS-UTJ. (mehr von HS-TDA)
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HS-APA Formerly with Air Phoenix, now untitled but still with tail logo... (mehr von HS-APA)
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Overview of Don Muang airport. Visible in this photo from left to right: N880TH (untitled), HS-OMJ (One-Two-Go), N820TH (untitled), N822TH (untitled), N821TH (untitled), HS-OMI (One-Two-Go), HS-OMC (One-Two-Go which is just taxiing to the runway) HS-OMD (One-Two-Go), an IL-76 with 4L registration, a white 741, and finally an Orient Thai 742.
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From left to right: Thai 744, Orient Thai 747, 2x Thai Cargo 777, Thai 772, FedEx A310, Eva Cargo MD-11, Thai 333, Orient Thai, Thai 734, Royal Jordanian 342, Gulf Air 343, Thai 744, Mahan Air 743, Mahan Air A310, Turkish Airlines 343, JAL 773.
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A6-EBX Enroute from DXB to BKK... Well, this was our "A380" which had to operate on that route! Thank God we got the real A380 on our way back from BKK! (mehr von A6-EBX)
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Terminal 3 overview! Also a little part of Terminal 1 with Mahan Air A310 and Virgin Atlantic A346..