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D-HZSC Approaching the Cologne University Clinic helipad (mehr von D-HZSC)
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D-HBRE "Christoph Rheinland" approaching the Cologne University Clinic helipad (mehr von D-HBRE)
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S2-AEI (c/n 871821) Formerly RP-C2928 of Seair, this a/c was sold to Bangladesh along with sister ship S2-AEJ/RP-C2428. However, as of FEB12 these a/c were not yet delivered. (mehr von S2-AEI)
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RP-C9328 (c/n 3003) This aircraft has since been withdrawn from use since the type certificate did not allow its use in passenger service. (mehr von RP-C9328)


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RP-C3030 Named "Bacolod" (Capital of Negros Occidental province)b (mehr von RP-C3030)
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RP-R3000 c/n 112. Rare "two-holer" version of the AgCat with two cockpits. Used for training. (mehr von RP-R3000)
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RP-C209 Unfortunately, this aircraft crashed on Camiguin Island on 4 March 2012, with two of the five on board killed. (mehr von RP-C209)
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RP-C9842 Cargo aircraft used primarily to carry fish from the province to Manila. (mehr von RP-C9842)
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RP-C3591 Was supposed to start new Mindanao services between Zamboanga and Cagayan de Oro, but stopped after only one or two flights. Aircraft now stored. (mehr von RP-C3591)
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RP-C2252 Currently the only active YS-11 in the Philippines. (mehr von RP-C2252)