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HI771 HI771 before touchdown in Helidosa Heliport after flight from Samana, Dominican Republic. (mehr von HI771)
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HI948 rotate from Heliport Helidosa, Dominican Republic. (mehr von HI948)
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HI982 before sightseeing flight over Bavaro Beach, Dominican Republic. (mehr von HI982)
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HI1030 before touchdown in Heliport Helidosa after 30 minutes flight along Uvero Alto and Bavaro coastline. Founded in 1992, Helidosa Aviation Group is a full-service aviation company strategically headquartered in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. From our early beginnings as a helicopter operator to the multi-faceted operation we are today, operating twenty three helicopters and thirteen fixed wing aircraft which provide us with worldwide coverage. (mehr von HI1030)
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HI988 Landing on the beach of the Hotel Iberostar Hacienda Dominicus. I would like to dedicated my 2000th picture to all the spotters of the world and also to the crew members of for their fantastic work since many years. (mehr von HI988)
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HI987 Ho Ho Ho, Santa Claus is landing on the beach of the Hotel Iberostar Hacienda Domenicus. This R66 Turbine is a new type of helicopter for Helidosa. First picture on (mehr von HI987)


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HI-803CT Heading towards the Caribbean Sea. (mehr von HI-803CT)
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HI-803CT View over the heliport. Four (4) landing spots available. (mehr von HI-803CT)
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HI-767CT What a shiny helicopter! It is very usual that after each flight, a man start to clean all Helidosa helicopters. Iberia have so much to learn... (mehr von HI-767CT)
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HI-758CT Taking off with a non-usual black paint. Photo taken before my training flight on board a Cessna 150. (mehr von HI-758CT)
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