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ZD4052 Hovering over the active at about 4 deg. nose up pitch, this ALH prepares to land in the morning at Aero India 2021 with its main rotor rotating at 314 rpm. This is the fixed wheel variant with a maximum AUW of 5750 kg. The ALH can carry an electro-optical pod, an array of sensors and up to 14 troops. It can land at helipads at 20,000 feet. (mehr von ZD4052)
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ZD-4063 Bathed in the rays of the afternoon sun, SARANG 1 flown by Wg Cdr G. Komar, CO of the Sarang Helicopter Display Team accompanied by Flt Lt Dhanveer fly past to the helicopter dispersal area at the end of the combined display with the Surya Kiran Aerobatic Team on Day 2 of Aero India 2021. (mehr von ZD-4063)
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ZD4051 Performing the "Sarang Split", ZD4051 of the IAF Sarang Helicopter Display Team passes in front of ZD4045 at Aero India 2017. (mehr von ZD4051)


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IA-1136 ILA 2008 - Berlin AirShow. [Canon EOS 400D + Bigma] (mehr von IA-1136)
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J4050 Flight demonstration @ ILA 2008. [Canon EOS 400D] (mehr von J4050)
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J4042 together with J4050 the absolute highlight of ILA 2008. [Canon EOS 400D] (mehr von J4042)
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J4043 side by side with J4042, J4049, J4050 and J4063 @ ILA 2008. (mehr von J4043)