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G-BGYT Originally delivered new to Air Anglia before becoming Air UK in 1980. G-BGYT operated with various other operators and is now pending display at the Manx Aviation and Military Museum (mehr von G-BGYT)
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OO-VLS Lining up for departure to London City (LCY) (mehr von OO-VLS)
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OK-UBA Operating several services a day between Ronaldsway Airport, Blackpool and Belfast (mehr von OK-UBA)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #766094 / 176 Aufrufe
G-MAJA Waiting for its departure back to Newcastle as we wait in the nice boarding area for our flybe flight back to Manchester (mehr von G-MAJA)
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D-IFLM FLM's new Do228 First day of service for Manx2 in IOM (mehr von D-IFLM)
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G-MIMA Not many more chances to take pics of this aircraft before she is returned to lessor (mehr von G-MIMA)
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G-ORAL c/n 1756 being towed to stand ready for the night mail flight. Still in full Reed Aviation colours, named "The Paper Plane" (mehr von G-ORAL)
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N560TH c/n 560-5215. ex VP-CPC. Built in 2001. A beautiful jet (mehr von N560TH)
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G-VBAC c/n SH.3736 arrived, dropped some cargo off and departed in the space of 15 minutes. Leased from BAC leasing and replaces their EMB110. (mehr von G-VBAC)
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G-ORAL c/n 1756 arriving on another daily cargo flight still in Reed Aviation colours. Great to hear the Dart engines burning and turning. (mehr von G-ORAL)
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G-MAJM c/n 41096 arriving from BHX. Notice the fading titles but the rest of the scheme is perfect.. (mehr von G-MAJM)
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F-GFEO c/n 120-062 completly un-titled operating for EuroManx. (mehr von F-GFEO)
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PH-KXM c/n 20252 climbing out in the late evening sun. Operated for EuroManx. (mehr von PH-KXM)
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G-NVSB c/n 517 just after take-off. Operated by Citi Express (mehr von G-NVSB)