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JA821A Overview Ishigaki Airport with an ANA JA821A Dreamliner Boeing 787-8 taking off and ANA JA357K Boeing 737-500 on the taxiway (mehr von JA821A)
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JA8973 RAC (Ryukyu Air Commuter) offers regional flights in the Okinawa prefecture. From Ishigaki flights to Naha, Miyako and Yohaguni are offered. (mehr von JA8973)
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B-18612 Airport overview with a China Airlines taxiing to the runway for its flight to Taipei Taoyuan. (mehr von B-18612)
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JA862A What a great idea! A shower for aircraft, never seen anything like that before. (mehr von JA862A)
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Ishigaki airport terminal building. This one is Japan's latest airport, opened in 2013.
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JA8998 Just love the way Japanese ground crew say goodbye to departing aircraft. (mehr von JA8998)
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JA8939 Jinbei Jet Whale Shark livery supporting the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium (mehr von JA8939)
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JA8366/The last Boeing 737-200series in japan. retired on Feb.2002. (mehr von JA8366)