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D-ABMQ nice view to the Algarve and the city of Lagos (mehr von D-ABMQ)
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CS-TRB enroute on SATA's longest milk run flight SP588 PDL-HOR-CVU-FLW and back. (mehr von CS-TRB)
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CS-TKN Descending into Lisbon during sunset, arriving from Lajes. (mehr von CS-TKN)
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D-EZOO This year's Portuguese Aerobatic Team for the international championships. (mehr von D-EZOO)
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D-EZOO One of the most amazing paint schemes that I've ever seen!... belongs to one of the pilots from the Portuguese Aerobatic Team. (mehr von D-EZOO)
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D-EZOO Everything is possible in an air-to-air photoshoot as long as you plan in advance!... this year's Portuguese Aerobatic Team for the international championships. (mehr von D-EZOO)
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OK-SUU47 The first Skyleader 500 in Portugal! (mehr von OK-SUU47)
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OK-PUU88 The first ever built (and up to now one of a kind) Skyleader 100, now based in Portugal! (mehr von OK-PUU88)
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LX-N90446 Changing heading towards Beja Air Base while recovering from a mission at Real Thaw 14 Exercise... German Captain and Portuguese Co-Pilot in a rare AWACS cockpit picture in flight, approved for public release. (mehr von LX-N90446)
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LX-N90446 Two American radar specialists discuss the battlefield status during a mission at Real Thaw 14 Exercise... rare picture of an AWACS cabin in flight, approved for public release. (mehr von LX-N90446)
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CS-TTP ...approaching LISBOA. Flight TP 547 from DUS... (mehr von CS-TTP)
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I-X010 The 4th generation ultralight Blackshape Prime poses for the photoplane with some serious tight formation flying, during it's official presentation in Portugal, so close that my 17mm's weren't enough to frame the whole aircraft at some point of this flight! (mehr von I-X010)


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EC-YPS An early morning flight with this new (in Portugal) Rans S-10 Sakota, near Santarm City, with the Tagus River serving as background! (mehr von EC-YPS)
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CS-AIA A nicely preserved Piper Super Cub poses for the pictures at sunset, between Guincho and Cape Raso... what a stunner! (mehr von CS-AIA)
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CS-XAP Flying at Montesinho Natural Park (Bragana) during a four day cross-country photo trip, we reach the Spanish border, outlined by the windmills... a truly fantastic sight! Until now, it's been the only time that i've flown in a snowy environment. (mehr von CS-XAP)
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D-AICN Flying at FL370 south of Lisboa. (mehr von D-AICN)
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16517 Now part of the Portuguese Air Force history, the Aviocar and the 401st Squadron "Cientistas" were retired on the 6th of December 2011 after 37 years of service and more than 170.000 flying hours in missions of photo reconnaissance, search and rescue, inter-island transport, electronic warfare, education and training of Navigators, pluri engine training, tactical transport and support for Airborne Troops (including troops launch), medical evacuation, VIP transport and land resource survey. (mehr von 16517)
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1335 Flying a 3 ship formation of Chipmunks from the Air Force Academy over the Sintra Mountain with most of it's landmarks in the background. Left of the frame it's the Pena National Palace, top left it's the Seteais Palace, below the second DHC-1 it's the Castle of the Moors and on top of the 1335's right wing is the Quinta da Regaleira. The best photo I could get for an air-to-air photoshoot about the 60th anniversary of the DCH-1 in the PoAF, a plane that my father also flew while he was serving. (mehr von 1335)
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CS-DIT Air to Air near Santa Cruz with this ex-Portuguese Air Force FTB, a special aircraft for me since my father did more than 600 flying hours in these aircrafts while the was in the PoAF! (mehr von CS-DIT)
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CS-XAP Is there a better way to return home after spending the weekend in an aviation safety forum in central Portugal than flying in formation for some sunset pictures?... In the back there's Tagus River and its last two corners before reaching Lisbon, where it meets with the Atlantic Ocean. (mehr von CS-XAP)
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CS-USQ Hunting down the beaches of West Portugal with the first ever built Shark, a 4th generation ultralight. Picture taken at the end of Santa Cruz Air Race. (mehr von CS-USQ)
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16804 Flying low over the Ria de Aveiro in a ferry flight from Montijo AB to Ovar AB during Real Thaw 11 Exercise. A few hours after landing we took off in another C-130 for an extraction mission to Bragana where we picked up a team from the Navy's Detachment of Special Operations (DAE) that were in the field since 1 week ago and returned to Ovar. After delivering the PoAF's Unit of Protection of the Force that assisted the mission we departed again heading back to Montijo with the DAE... what a day!! (mehr von 16804)
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EI-DHW Banking left with a nice view just after departure from rwy10 at Faro as FR5713 to Hahn! (mehr von EI-DHW)
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D-ELMP c/n 1282. ex N6091X. Flying low over the Tagus River with the only Husky in Portugal and keeping it perfect for the photos with a little crab manouver. Notice that in the back there's Jorge Ruivo checking his pictures of the DHC-1 Chipmunk that I was flying with open canopy! What a great way to end the day! (mehr von D-ELMP)
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N80LA Portuguese national aerobatic team pilot Lino Gonalves poses for the photos while the other national team's Extra 300L EC-KJX with Jorge Fachadas and Santiago Sampietro are preparing to join formation during the team's training camp in Santa Cruz (LPSC)... N80LA belonged to Nigel Lamb before being bought by Lima Alpha Aerobatics. Both of these aircrafts have awesome paintschemes! Can you spot the GoPro camera? (mehr von N80LA)