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IN455 Flying over Mumbai harbour in the morning with IN483 bringing up the rear. The antenna fit differs between the two Chetaks, which are different in color as well. These Chetaks are from INAS 321 "Angels" based at INS Shikra. Formed in 1969, the Angels have saved many lives, living up to their motto “We Dare, You Survive”. Designated a Fleet Support Squadron, its Chetaks are detached for SAR and liaison duties to ships and stations as required. (mehr von IN455)
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IN325 P-8I of INAS 312 “Albatross” in the hands of LCdr Saurabh Kumar flies past Shri Ram Nath Kovind, President of India and Supreme Commander of the Indian Armed Forces at the President’s Colors to Naval Aviation ceremony. The grey monsoon skies of Goa is just another day for this LRMR/ASW unit that ranges far and wide. INAS 312 formerly flew the mighty Tu-142M from INS Rajali. (mehr von IN325)
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IN715 On its first public appearance in service seen at Indian Navy Day celebrations at Gateway Of India , Mumbai . (mehr von IN715)
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IN431 Flying off Ramakrishna Beach. Alouette IIIs were ordered by the Indian Navy in 1962 but were requisitioned by the IAF during the Sino-Indian War. The Navy received its Alouette IIIs in 1964 and these formed a flight aboard INS Vikrant. Later, INAS 321 Angels was formed in 1969 and its Chetaks have been detached for SAR and liaison duties to ships and stations as required. A Chetak flight also served in Antarctica. At the time of this photo, the type had completed nearly 52 years in naval service. (mehr von IN431)
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IN617 Wonderful gesture by the Indian Navy to mount the iconic Sea Harrier in a park facing the sea at Bandra. This Sea Harrier was flown by INAS 300 White Tigers. The Sea Harrier served the Indian Navy from 1983-2016. (mehr von IN617)
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IN188 Compact Sea Hawk with its folded wings, this is one of 74 operated by the Indian Navy. The leaping White Tiger of Rewa on the nose denotes the emblem of INAS 300, the first carrier-based fighter squadron commissioned on 7 July 1960 by Smt. Vijaya Laxmi Pandit. Embarked for the first time on INS Vikrant in 1961, Sea Hawks stayed on till 1978. During the 1971 war, White Tigers wreaked havoc on Pakistani installations at Coxs Bazaar and Chittagong. (mehr von IN188)
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IN312 And the day is done. Albatross on the ramp after its last operational flight with INAS 312 ‘Albatross’ before decommissioning, after serving for 29 long years as the Indian Navy’s spear tip of long range maritime reconnaissance. She flew perfectly on her last day, proving that these aircraft have a heart and soul. (mehr von IN312)
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KH3002 On the flight line at Aero India 2017 next to a PACAF Demo Team F-16, before heading off to the static display area. Rejected for the moment by the Indian Navy for carrier-based operations due to an insufficient thrust-to-weight requirement, the future of the LCA-Navy is uncertain. (mehr von KH3002)
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IN464 On temporary display on the lawns of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya or the former Prince of Wales Museum, Bombay. (mehr von IN464)
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IN504 On display at the HAL Heritage Centre and Aerospace Museum, Bangalore. (mehr von IN504)


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IN124 Naval Aviation Museum Indian Navy (mehr von IN124)
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N521DS India Navy's newest P-8I arriving from GUM. Rare visitor to Singapore and my first sight of it as well. (mehr von N521DS)
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N521DS India Navy's newest P-8I completes its test flight at Boeing Field (mehr von N521DS)
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IN560 An unmanned Merchant Vessel -MV Wisdom being towed all the way down from Sri Lanka all the way up to ship breaking yard at Alang, Gujarat suddenly breaks free from tug MV Seabulk Plover on 11th June 2011 .It came within striking distance of the iconic Bandra Worli Sea Link but missed it fortunately !!! It then drifted with the powerful currents up north and now lies stuck in sea sand approximately 50 metres bang infront of the famous Juhu Beach! So now a tourists delight!!! :) Here IN560 is seen dropping heavy duty steel cables and coils of polypropylene tow rope as part of the ongoing efforts to tow this behemoth away! (mehr von IN560)
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IN-240 AERO INDIA 2009 - The Indian Navy Dornier 228 on static display! (mehr von IN-240)