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PJ-MDA Oh look, Alitalia cabin! Photo taken during boarding for SDQ via SXM. (mehr von PJ-MDA)
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N431LF This MD-82 left the Alitalia fleet in early 2009, the aircraft had been flown to Upington in South Africa. In mid october the national carrier of Curacao Insel Air bought this aircraft, which delivered three days later with seven stopovers all over the world. The thirty years old jet found its end in the caribbean. Scrapped meanwhile. (mehr von N431LF)
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PJ-MDE Insel Air pushback for the morning flight to Medellin and dedicated to Andres Ramirez who just returned from a very impressive world tour and now going back to Colombia. (mehr von PJ-MDE)
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PJ-MDD Insel Air Aruba parked in the tarmac operates charters flight to Punta Cana from SJU ,Puerto Rico. (mehr von PJ-MDD)
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PJ-MDC taxiing very close to the fence, it would then hold the brakes at full power for half a minute to give the beach a good blast. (mehr von PJ-MDC)
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PJ-MDD Insel Air Aruba just arrived and is waiting to be towed to the hangar for a good night's rest. Canon EOS600D Rebel T3i [EF18-135mm 1:3.5-5.6 IS] (mehr von PJ-MDD)
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PJ-VIC Insel Air Embraer 110 very low fly-by because of the open day at the airport this day. (mehr von PJ-VIC)
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