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Overflying Basra enroute from DXB to MUC. Not much ground activity can be observed.
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YI-AOX c/n 22298. Built in 1980. First picture. Parked at Baghdad Int'l. Engines and instruments removed (and stored?). Airframe in rather good condition: it just needs a good wash to remove the dirt. However, storage with open doors in blowing dust and sand is not a great idea. (mehr von YI-AOX)
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Overview of Erbil Airport just after departure from Runway 36. Erbil Airport serves the Kurdish region in Northern Iraq and is the most modern Airport in the country. The Airport has a 4800 metre Runway and a very modern terminal. The old Erbil Airport can be seen right next to the new one and has a few older aircraft in storage, among the Flying Carpet Boeing 737-200. Sorry for the haze...
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XA-AAS flying for the United Nations World Food Programme (mehr von XA-AAS)
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A6-EIB First shots from the recently rebuilt Erbil Airport in Iraq. Etihad operates 4 weekly flights between Abu Dhabi and Erbil. Very glad to see the special Formula 1 colours this morining at Erbil (mehr von A6-EIB)


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Pretty sad, damaged Al Sahra control tower lay cluttered with military equipment.Notice the bullets holes in the tower,first photo of Al Sahra tower to the database!
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EK-12704 Early departure with nice golden light,hurrying up to avoid yhe monstrous sandstorm that its coming its way. New in db. (mehr von EK-12704)
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UP-AN203 Departing Tikrit, Iraq... Notice the helicopter in the background! (mehr von UP-AN203)
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YA-KAC Impressive departure out of Tikrit Airport (Al-Sahra / COB Speicher). First time in database... (mehr von YA-KAC)