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EC-LCQ One of 9 Air Europa Embraers seen during 2 days. In the background, an S7 Airbus is preparing for departure back to Moscow Domodedovo. (mehr von EC-LCQ)
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YR-BAC With an Iberia departing, and an Easyjet arriving in the background. (mehr von YR-BAC)
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EC-KBX Photograpphed taxiing past the 'mound' towards Terminal 4. (mehr von EC-KBX)
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RA-86078 Caught just after a major downpour, and just before it departed on a charter flight to the sun. (mehr von RA-86078)
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EW-47808 This Gomelavia Antonov 24 spent most oft he day on the remote stands at DME, before operating back to Gomel, Belarus (mehr von EW-47808)
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RA-78790 One of the three aircraft opened up for us to look inside (mehr von RA-78790)
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RA-12195 A close up of the nose of this 1970's built Antonov (mehr von RA-12195)
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RA-76840 With full flaps deployed, this MCHS owned IL.76 turns onto the high speed exit taxiway straight towards us (mehr von RA-76840)
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4K-727 One of the most exotic Tupolev 154's seen at DME during our trip (mehr von 4K-727)
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RA-86492 Parked just off the main domestic apron at SVO. (mehr von RA-86492)
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RA-65086 4 Russian carriers in 1 shot; Volga Avia Express, Daghestan, Ural and Transaero (mehr von RA-65086)


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RA-85743 Another Tupolev departure from Moscow's Domodedovo Airport. This time, a TU154 of Moskovia (mehr von RA-85743)
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RA-11868 Departure of the 5x weekly Atran Antonov 12 cargo flight to Malmo (mehr von RA-11868)
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RA-12193 One of two freshly painted Moskovia Antonov 12's sitting on the ramp at Bykovo. (mehr von RA-12193)
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CU-T1254 Having just arrived from Havana, Cuba, this Ilyushin taxies straight past the viewing deck to park at Orly Sud (mehr von CU-T1254)
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CS-DFU c/n 560-5520. The third Biz jet to arrive within ten minute, this smart Netjets Citation taxies to the Signatures Ramp (mehr von CS-DFU)
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N48NS c/n 550-0939. Owned by Tower House Investments and taxiing for a departure from runway 20 here at Southampton (mehr von N48NS)
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CS-DNU c/n 258479. Having just arrived from Split, Croatia, and taxiing to teh Signatures Ramp (mehr von CS-DNU)
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HB-IKS c/n 5042. ex N28UA. A regular Challenger to visit Southampton. Seen here parked on the Signatures ramp just before sunset. (mehr von HB-IKS)
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D-AWDL Having just positioned into Southampton to operate a football related charter flight. This aircraft was called in last minute following the collapse of Flightline just hours earlier (mehr von D-AWDL)
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UR-DAA Just a few years ago, these flights would have been operated by Yak 42's. (mehr von UR-DAA)
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RA-85016 One of the less extravagant Russian schemes, but a rare sight in Europe (mehr von RA-85016)
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Z3-AAH The flag carrier of Macedonia, literally (mehr von Z3-AAH)
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TC-OAV Caught landing with the last rays of sunlight. Note the vapour forming over the wing (mehr von TC-OAV)