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The Hajj terminal and ramp towards the end of 2005/2006 Hajj season.
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D-ASPB The highlight of my short stopover in JED was this Saudia Private Aviation A319 (operated by Private Air), operating the "Al Bayraq" all-business class service between JED and RUH. (mehr von D-ASPB)
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D-AIKA Glimpse into the First Class cabin during the stopover in JED enroute from FRA to ADD. (mehr von D-AIKA)
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D-AIKA View of the famous hajj terminal with a few of Saudia's wetleases, private 767 and Malaysia A380 parked in front of it. (mehr von D-AIKA)
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D-AIGZ Everything is perfectly arranged and the crew is waiting for the passenger bus. This is the old Business Class, but the cabin layout on this aircraft will probably be upgraded soon. (mehr von D-AIGZ)


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D-AIGZ On the ground before a flight to Munich. Parked on the apron with Saudia A320s and Embraers parked outside. (mehr von D-AIGZ)
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D-AIFD taxiing out for departure to ASM with the international terminal (left) and giant Hajj terminal (right) in the background. (mehr von D-AIFD)
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D-AIFD departure to ASM with the huge airport of JED in the distance (mehr von D-AIFD)
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