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JU-1009 nose closeup of this desert bird (mehr von JU-1009)
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JU-1009 Front view of this desert bird. Note the uneven belly-and did you know theyre using slicks...? (mehr von JU-1009)
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JU-1009 Just to let you know how your baggage is treatet if anyone plans to get there... (mehr von JU-1009)
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JU-1009 this event was worth the water-bottle-shower I had to take after it... note the "gangway" waiting for the next flight! (mehr von JU-1009)
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JU-1009 arrived in the desert at the end of the only daily flight from the capital, Ulan Bator, about 500km to the north. Note: This is what ground service has to look like! (mehr von JU-1009)