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53-122 Model 21 on display at Nature & Science Museum, Ueno with the Sakae 12 engine visible. This Zero was field-modified in Oct. 1944 into a reconnaissance two-seater. It ran short of fuel and was ditched by its pilot Ensign Kentaro Miyagoshi near Cape Lambert on Jan. 18, 1945. Both pilot and observer survived. Recovered in 1972, the Zero was brought to Japan in 1975. It wears the tail code of 253 Kokutai, formerly the Kanoya Air Group that ranged as far as Andaman. (mehr von 53-122)
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Japan International Aerospace Show at JASDF Iruma Air Base, Sayama, Japan
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N7757 This aircraft also put on a mock attack on the airfield. (mehr von N7757)
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N7062C This aircraft put on a mock attack on the airfield. (mehr von N7062C)