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61-131 Type 52 on display in the World War II Aviation exhibition at NASM. This Mitsubishi-built Zero with tail code 61-108 was captured along with other aircraft at Aslito on Saipan in June 1944. It was shipped to the USA for evaluation, assigned the code TAIC7 and named Tokyo Rose. It has been restored in the markings of the 261st Kokutai known as the Tora (Tiger) unit, established in June 1943 and sent to Saipan in Feb. 1944. (mehr von 61-131)
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22383 Restored Zero on display at the JMSDF Naval Air Museum, Kanoya. Parts of this Type 52 were raised from the seabed at Fukiagehama, Kaseda city. Kanoya was one of the biggest IJN bases from which such Zeros carried out almost half the navy’s Tokko or special attack missions, in this case to Okinawa under Operation Kikusui. (mehr von 22383)
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I-13 On display at IAF Museum Palam. Brought back from Japan by No. 4 Sqn. RIAF that was based at Iwakuni and Miho, this Okha of Jinrai Butai has been restored recently in the markings of a flying bomb recovered by USMC at Yontan airfield in Okinawa, which was shipped to the USA for evaluation by the Technical Air Intelligence Unit-South West Pacific. (mehr von I-13)