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G-LCYM Very short final for runway 06 inbound from London City (EGLC /LCY) as BA8463/CFEE63BB. (mehr von G-LCYM)


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G-LCAG Very short final for runway 06 inbound from London City (EGLC /LCY) as CJ133/CFE133. (mehr von G-LCAG)
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C2216 Looking good at any angle, IAF Museum Palam’s MiG-21bis now sports a shark’s mouth and lightning flash after restoration. The Type 75 was designed for low-level, high-G manoeuvring dogfights with its uprated Tumansky R-25-300 engine, requiring a larger nose inlet diameter for increased airflow. It had the fastest rate of climb among the MiG-21 variants. Initially six aircraft built at GAZ-21 in Gorkii were delivered to India followed by CKD kits, and then manufactured under licence by HAL Nasik. (mehr von C2216)
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JA225J "Ganbare!" Good luck wishes are writ large on the fuselage of this jet in support of the Japanese rugby team as it taxiis out for an afternoon departure at New Chitose Airport. (mehr von JA225J)
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D-EBYS (North Sea island of Spiekeroog) (mehr von D-EBYS)