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A6-BLA sad and kind of historic picture anyways. The usually stunning EY special colours is just a 2nd importance today regarding the spotter lens. In the background you can see 4 (!) parked LH A380 and in total more than 12 parked LH long haul aircraft due to the current Covid-19 crisis... (mehr von A6-BLA)
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B-1083 I am so happy having finally caught this sexy A350 in special "Expo Beijing 2019" colours... Flight CA828 rolling on RWY 26L to Shanghai. (mehr von B-1083)
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N845MH special pink ribbon colours performing todays flight 131 back to Atlanta (mehr von N845MH)
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SU-GEC rare overview of Cairo Intl. Airport seen after departing RWY 05C bound back to MUC as MS787 (mehr von SU-GEC)
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PH-HXC Flight HV9146 banking out of RWY 21 on our way back to Munich. Central old town of Lisbon underneath us with the airport also visible above the winglet (mehr von PH-HXC)
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A7-ALF We got this brand new "Bandit" today at MUC: QR operating both flights from now on with A359 (!). The first flight seen here departing RWY 08R as flight QR060 back to Doha in lovely november light... (mehr von A7-ALF)
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JA837A NH217 inbound from Tokyo Haneda with the cathedral of Freising as a nice background (mehr von JA837A)
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4K-AZ100 Wow, what an awesome start into this week! This mighty Ilushin IL-76TD-90SW from SilkWay Airlines from Azerbaijan on its way to RWY 26L for its flight AZQ4109 to Baghdad at 7.12am was quite special... (mehr von 4K-AZ100)


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D-ABYM One of my favourite shots of my latest spotting trip to FRA! D-ABYM "Bayern" returning to its homebase as flight LH717 from Tokyo-Haneda with the clouds as a welcome backdrop, enjoy viewing! (mehr von D-ABYM)
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B-2480 first picture of this giant in the database! Arriving as CA931 from Beijing... (mehr von B-2480)
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D-ABYT LH403 from New York (EWR) featured by LHs fantastic looking retro scheme... (mehr von D-ABYT)
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D-ABVU Special FC Bayern Promo Stickers applied today on this B744 D-ABVU for the 2015 Summer Tour of Bayern Munich to China. LH342 taxiing out for its flight with Neuer, Pep, Mller & Co. to Beijing via RWY08R (mehr von D-ABVU)
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82-8000 When dreams come true... Finally i was able to take a picture of THE Air Force One with Obama on board. Departing here RWY08R back to Andrews after the G7 Summit in Bavaria/Ellmau... Awesome sight with the Munich iconic tower behind! (mehr von 82-8000)
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A6-AFA One of the most stunning colours schemes leaving Munich as flight EY006 back to Abu Dhabi on a dull winter day. Panned with 1/40 secs (mehr von A6-AFA)
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B-LIB Parallel approach with an American B777 underneath (mehr von B-LIB)
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HS-TUA This one was one of my main targets of this days spotting trip: flight TG921 back to Bangkok lining up RWY 18West... the purple Thai colours really fit the shape of the A380... (mehr von HS-TUA)
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D-ABYI The Siegerflieger / queen of the skies is seen here arriving as LH755 vom Bangalore via RWY 25L on a great day ... (mehr von D-ABYI)