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G-DGOD c/n 3889. Built in 2005. Check-out the happy student - the joy of flying! (mehr von G-DGOD)
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G-EJAR The rolling farm land of south west England seen on approach to BRS. (mehr von G-EJAR)
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G-EJAR Bristol below the winglet with Hartcliffe in the lower foreground. Bristol channel above the wing leading edge and Wales beyond. (mehr von G-EJAR)
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G-EZIE Take-off from Rijeka airport on the island of Krk. Just beautiful. (mehr von G-EZIE)
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G-EZBL View of Geneva after take-off from rwy 05. (mehr von G-EZBL)
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D-CDLH Ju 52/3m "Berlin Tempelhof" parked under the awning at Berlin Tempelhof. (mehr von D-CDLH)
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D-CDLH Cockpit in flight (Tempelhof to Rechlin) (mehr von D-CDLH)