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CS-TOF Since it was a really dark light/ bad weather and this spotting place doesn't allow a 50-500mm to catch a full A330, i try something different, put my 17-85mm and let's go. And what a result! Look to the wings :P what a impressive wing flex at landing :P (mehr von CS-TOF)
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OY-KBO If only we could turn back time :) (mehr von OY-KBO)
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D-ALPB This time no '50-500', just the '17-85 IS', you can almost touch it :P (mehr von D-ALPB)
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D-ALPB Thanks Samy for the registration. The weather also help at take-off :P (mehr von D-ALPB)
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D-ALPJ For a long time i wished for the AB A332, here it is :P (mehr von D-ALPJ)
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D-ALPJ For a long time i wished for the AB A332, here it is :P (mehr von D-ALPJ)
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G-CEAE These days are gone, so nice to see a B732, even more with this livery :P (mehr von G-CEAE)
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OY-KBO The weather as always didn't help for my first shots of this nice retro SAS livery :S (mehr von OY-KBO)
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00-09001 Backtracking runway 05 for depature to Mauritania... (mehr von 00-09001)
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I-NEOT First time i catch NEOS around here with good light (mehr von I-NEOT)
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5B-DBR Smokey touch down runway 05 (mehr von 5B-DBR)
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G-OOBD Special sticker TCS Expeditions, travelling from Luton, the "Cape to Cape 2009", destinations like: Madeira Island; Burkina Faso; Walvis Bay; Cape of Good Hope; Rio de Janeiro; Buenos Aires; Cape Horn Cruise; Iguazķ Falls; Panama. (mehr von G-OOBD)
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F-GMLX Unusual spotting place (but very nice), with MD83 landing at runway 23, always a pleasure to see a different aircraft around here without being a Boeing or Airbus (mehr von F-GMLX)
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00-9001 Unexpected visitor and really rare one. ;) (mehr von 00-9001)
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OY-KBP Diverted to Porto Santo due bad visibility in LPMA, landing at Madeira Airport some hours later, here on her rolling take-off; nice nose :P (mehr von OY-KBP)
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LX-LGS New livery for the first time around here :P Too bad the sunlight isn't the best. (mehr von LX-LGS)
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D-AERS Line up for departure! A little bit dirty aircraft, don't you think? (mehr von D-AERS)
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D-ABOF Awesome weather in the first day of 2009, great to make an overview to Madeira Airport, with well composed ramp with 2 A310 of Sata International and 1 A333 of Air Berlin, plus a Condor B753 linning up for departure and a TAP Portugal A319 (CS-TTG) on downwind to land runway 05 (mehr von D-ABOF)
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CS-HCY Waiting for new passengers, on a sunny spring day (mehr von CS-HCY)
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PT-MVL Lately you only see pictures like this of the A380's, but the other aircraft's are also pretty nice subjects to photograph. TAM A332 passing through Madeira Island at FL370. (mehr von PT-MVL)