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CS-HCY Last ray of light, always give us some golden colors, take-off for another 15min ride with cruise ship Balmoral in background. This new year eve we are expecting only 6 cruise ship, last year 12 appeared. (mehr von CS-HCY)
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Madeira Island or Azores Island? It looks like a "SATA International Airport", picturing CS-TGL; CS-TGV; CS-TKL and CS-TKM
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LY-FLG This one try to fool me, with a indicated callsign wrong, instead of LLC4031, it was reporting LLC3208 (usually goes to Canary Islands). So i didn't catch the landing, but i catch the take-off and it stayed very well :P (mehr von LY-FLG)
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CS-TTR Awesome take-off! Much better than the position flight's that departed earlier (mehr von CS-TTR)
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OO-TCJ Thomas Cook Belgium never disappoint us, the Special Christmas Sticker always comes here around Christmas (mehr von OO-TCJ)
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D-CACB c/n BT-27. Nice colors, different from the usual. And was unexpected around here, i tried to get on time to catch the landing, but i didn't... (mehr von D-CACB)
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D-ABOJ At long distance, nice take-off (mehr von D-ABOJ)
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D-AICL Condor in double :P (mehr von D-AICL)
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D-AERK The only registration missing in A333 Air Berlin colors (mehr von D-AERK)
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EC-KDJ 99% of the times Agroar/flyant arrives at night/dawn, so usually we don't see pictures of the landing at Madeira, today they made an extra flight, so it was a good oportunity to see her landing, instead of always take-off (mehr von EC-KDJ)
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EC-JDU Far from guessing that shortly this airline will be gone (mehr von EC-JDU)
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G-TTOB One of the few times that i catch the hybrid GB/easyjet, today with some winds to fight with, at the end of the day (mehr von G-TTOB)
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D-ALSC I think it's the first time i see the A321 (from LTU) in Air Berlin colors, as always the weather didn't help this "kind" of premiere... (mehr von D-ALSC)
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EC-KHT c/n 14500863. ex G-YIAN. Built in 2005. Embraer's are very rare to stop by... (mehr von EC-KHT)
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HB-IHR The return of Air Berlin's B752, always nice :P No credits to the weather :S (mehr von HB-IHR)
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LY-FLA Returning this week at daylight, too bad the same registration :S i rather catch a colorful tail :P (mehr von LY-FLA)
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SE-RDV A rare bird around here, with a rare airline (also around here) in background (mehr von SE-RDV)
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6419 A warbird like this is Timeless, not even a church watch can tell the time for this one... This Nordatlas is the only "aircraft" in display in Madeira Island, unfortunately is not preserved by the owner and one step forward to take care of her...