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MM62174 One of NATO meetings this year took place in Madeira Islands, this Repubblica Italiana A319CJ was one of the few highlights :P (mehr von MM62174)
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CS-TNM A few years ago i made a picture similar to this one, that become well knowned all over the world. Today i made a vertical one, also with TAP Portugal aircraft, this time an A320 instead a A319 :P (mehr von CS-TNM)
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HB-IHS Another Air Berlin flight of the day :P (mehr von HB-IHS)
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D-AERS Since the registration was the same today, i had do try a diferent location. I think it's also a great one :P (mehr von D-AERS)
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I-NEOU I was not expecting to see NEOS so soon around here, welcome! Smokey touch down runway 05 for the first time! (mehr von I-NEOU)
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D-AERS Second A333 of the season, always nice to see a widebody around here (mehr von D-AERS)
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D-AERS Bad weather for the usual thursday german day (overview to the ramp with LTU's, Condor's and Hapag Lloyd's), (mehr von D-AERS)
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D-ATUC The annoying "Yellow cab", where is the yellow? (mehr von D-ATUC)
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D-ABAT Still the old livery (mehr von D-ABAT)
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LN-NOD "Sonja Henie" coming for the second time at Madeira Island, this time landing at runway 05 (mehr von LN-NOD)
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EC-KDJ Once again, rotating just after taxiway C, impressive :P (mehr von EC-KDJ)
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OE-LEO I was expecting a couple of Air Berlin B738, instead a nice surprise with a B752 and a Niki A320 (mehr von OE-LEO)
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TF-JXE Another Jet-X of the day (mehr von TF-JXE)
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TF-JXD One of two Jet-X of the day (mehr von TF-JXD)
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HB-IHS I was expecting a couple of Air Berlin B738, instead a nice surprise with a B752 and a Niki A320 (mehr von HB-IHS)
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D-AERQ Since it's a premiere around here (of Air Berlin's A333), the weather didn't want anything with us. Gorgeous sight, seeing Air Berlin new colors in a A330... (mehr von D-AERQ)
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CS-TJE A nice set of colorful tails, with 2 diferent from Air Berlin (mehr von CS-TJE)
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D-ABOK The return of Condor's B753, it's been a while since last time i saw a 757-300 :P No credits to the weather :S (mehr von D-ABOK)
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D-AERQ The return of the A333 around here, now with a new and fancy livery :P No credits to the weather :S (mehr von D-AERQ)
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D-AERQ Late landing, "covering" all the airport :P (mehr von D-AERQ)
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RA-73004 Finally a good shot of the landing, it's been a while that i was trying to get her again... (mehr von RA-73004)
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G-OOPE Thomson Airways taking off with a bird strike? (mehr von G-OOPE)
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OK-TVA Didn't had the chance to catch her last week, but this monday i didn't missed this hybrid livery. Very rare sight to see an aircraft take-off so late here in Madeira :P (mehr von OK-TVA)
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G-OOPE For the first time, the "jetset" came as ThomsonFly, since First Choice was bought by ThomsonFly (mehr von G-OOPE)