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G-OOOZ For the first time, the "jetset" came as ThomsonFly, since First Choice was bought by ThomsonFly (mehr von G-OOOZ)
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LN-NOB Third day of Norwegian Air Shuttle, third diferent registration. Yes! (mehr von LN-NOB)
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D-AHIK Once again rain only at tuesday's, So only the departure was good... (mehr von D-AHIK)
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G-EZDC A great day to Madeira Island, the first connection made by a low cost from Lisbon to Madeira. A few minutes later i was onboard to be present in the premiere flight between Madeira and Lisbon with easyjet. Late return flight (in the afternoon) from Lisbon, also made by this aircraft after a little jump to Madrid... (mehr von G-EZDC)
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LN-NOD Eh eh! Today we've got one full livery, this one with Sonja Henie on the tail (mehr von LN-NOD)
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LN-RPN A great smokey touch down, it was so nice when SAS used to bring the Snowflake aircraft's :P (mehr von LN-RPN)
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EC-GNZ Unsual stop at Madeira! Another one gone for good? (mehr von EC-GNZ)
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CS-DCP c/n LM-22. ex N7034K. What a great low pass by request :P performed by Armando for us. This aircraft is no longer flying in Madeira, went to the US after several years working in Madeira Island for Madeira-MED, dropping sterile flies to the fields to prevent infested fruit (mehr von CS-DCP)
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G-XLAB I guess we could say: Good old times! (mehr von G-XLAB)
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EC-JTA Another one (said that) is gone :S Remembering one of the times that passed through here (mehr von EC-JTA)
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LY-FLA Second day in a row with a new airline arriving at Madeira. Pretty nice colors for this Lithuanian Airlines. Welcome! (mehr von LY-FLA)
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LN-NOF Landing for the first @ Madeira. For a long i wished for this airline to come to Madeira, but know i realise that those beautiful tail liveries (in the B733) most probably will never come to Madeira, due the far away distance from Oslo. Let's hope they do, meanwhile Welcome to Madeira Islands :P (mehr von LN-NOF)
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SE-RDI Take-off's by MD's are always something really :P :P Departing "empty" to Gatwick. MD-83 always welcome here ;) (mehr von SE-RDI)
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SE-RDI Burning some rubber for the first time in Madeira Island. Nice to see another airline with MD's around here. Coming from Manston Kent Intl :P (mehr von SE-RDI)
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CS-HCY Funchal 500 Tall Ships Regatta, with the helicopter taking pictures and filming all the vessels, the vessel pictured in the foreground is the "Astrid", built in 1918 ;) (mehr von CS-HCY)
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D-ABDG Final runway 05 from the first of three diferent Air Berlin liveries today around here (mehr von D-ABDG)
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D-ABBY The third of three different Air Berlin liveries today around here. How many times can you count "air berlin"? (mehr von D-ABBY)
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D-ABKB Smokey touch down runway 05 from the second of three diferent Air Berlin liveries today around here (mehr von D-ABKB)
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5B-DBR Yesss! Finally a diferent tail, and one of the most beautiful of Eurocypria :P (mehr von 5B-DBR)
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EC-JZU First time ever we receive a CR9 in Madeira Airport, i don't know if it's the first time also for Air Nostrum (mehr von EC-JZU)
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SP-LLK In a rainy day with sun and with landings on runway 23, the photos don't stay as i wish (mehr von SP-LLK)
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SP-LLA Nice to see Centralwings around here (mehr von SP-LLA)
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TF-JXH For a change the white tail again (mehr von TF-JXH)