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90-0725 (HL) Wonderful heritage flight is led by Mustang 'Six-Shooter' N2580, closely followed by NX186AM Sabre and the Viper West Team F-16. (mehr von 90-0725)
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N2580 As the moon is hiding behind some high clouds 'Six-Shooter' is enjoying a good nite's sleep. (mehr von N2580)
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88-0462 (HL) The Viper West Team based at Hill AFB in action at the Thunderbird Balloon Air Classic. Thanks for the nice show and thanks for the permission to upload the picture, guys! (mehr von 88-0462)
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N59125 A flying monster at the Thunderbird Ballon Air Classic at 7 AM. (mehr von N59125)
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View from a Cessna 152 on very short final.