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9Y-JMC Nice to see the Air Jamaica/Caribbean Airlines 737-800 in person. This is one of the most colorful liveries I have seen on the 737 so far. (mehr von 9Y-JMC)
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9Y-POS Caribbean Airlines 737-800 resting at the gate for the next flight out of Kingston, Jamaica. (mehr von 9Y-POS)
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9Y-POS Only in Jamaica you will find this colorful line up of 737's! (mehr von 9Y-POS)
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N524AT This is the first photo of Fly Jamaica at its home base in Kingston. I like the reflection of the aircraft in the water on the ramp!!! (mehr von N524AT)
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C-GJVY Air Canada's Rouge A319 operating flight AC1921 and delayed by approximately an hour on this photo. This is the first photo of this registration in the new Air Canada Rouge colors, nice!!! (mehr von C-GJVY)