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9K-ALC c/n 663.Built in 1992. "Kadhma" . Picture taken on my flight KU 673 in Business Class from Kuwait to Dubai (mehr von 9K-ALC)
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9K-ALC c/n 663.Built in 1992. "Kadhma" . Picture taken on my flight KU 673 from Kuwait to Dubai. Many Thanks to Captain (mehr von 9K-ALC)
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9K-AKA nice overview from Kuwait Intl Airport, short after take off to DXB (mehr von 9K-AKA)
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9K-EAC Waiting for the next flight from Sheikh Saad Terminal KWI. Starting March 16th, Wataniya Airways has ceased all its operations. (mehr von 9K-EAC)
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9K-EAG Sheikh Saad terminal KWI. It is fully equipped to handle all types of private and commercial aircraft. Before ceasing all operations Wataniya Airways used the special facilities of this terminal as its exclusive arrival and departure hub. (mehr von 9K-EAG)
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YI-APY very rare catch at the KWI apron. First picture in the database. (mehr von YI-APY)
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9K-ALB Climbing out to Dubai as KW 673. You can spot the Kuwait Towers (mehr von 9K-ALB)
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ZS-JES one of a few Fokker 28 still in Service (mehr von ZS-JES)
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9K-ANA Quiet morning at KWI with a KU A340 and BA 777 and nice flowers. (mehr von 9K-ANA)
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UN-76026 along a lineup of six freighters at KWI. The tent structure is the VIP terminal. (mehr von UN-76026)
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