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D-AGER Germanias new Retrojet on the occasion of the airlines 30th anniversary! (mehr von D-AGER)
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RA-76384 First picture in database of this very rare IL-76 which brought some cars from Malabo, Equatorial Guinea. (mehr von RA-76384)
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S2-ACR Visit to the flightdeck of the beautiful DC10 after the flight from Abu Dhabi to Sylhet - next stop Dhaka. Big thanks to this great crew for everything! (mehr von S2-ACR)
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C6-BFM What a pleasure to fly with this Oldie in 2012! Here we are on downwind for Hollywood International Airport over the suburbs of Ft. Lauderdale as we were came from Nassau as UP201. (mehr von C6-BFM)
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D-AIMI Lufthansas latest A380 (dd 05/16/12) came to Berlin Tegel to be baptised with the name Berlin. (mehr von D-AIMI)
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S2-ACR Later this day the beautiful New Era brought me back to Abu Dhabi. Long live the DC10s in Bangladesh! (mehr von S2-ACR)
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F-GFKZ On this plane I come from Berlin this morning. (mehr von F-GFKZ)
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F-GFKZ Early morning approach into Charles de Gaulle airport with a nice overview of the city of Paris - if you have a closer look you even can see the Eiffel Tower. (mehr von F-GFKZ)
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N467AA A beautiful MadDog of American Airlines on finals into La Guardia in front of the skyline of Manhattan. The tallest building of NY at the moment is clearly visible - the 443m high Empire State Building. The Chrysler Building is visible as well. (mehr von N467AA)
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G-STRN Eyjafjallajkull - seen shortly after departure from Keflavik airport on the way to Berlin. (mehr von G-STRN)
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VQ-BBE Good morning China ! Seen this nice sunrise on the way from Moscow to Hong Kong. Somewhere over China - still about 3 hours to HK. (mehr von VQ-BBE)
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EI-EBW That was the first time I saw a rainbow out of an airplane ! Just beautiful ... isnt it ? I made this picture as we were approaching the airport of Manchester on Ryanair flight FR4188 from Frankfurt-Hahn. (mehr von EI-EBW)