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OO-VAC Short final rwy 26 (mehr von OO-VAC)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #151798 / 58 Aufrufe
EC-HJI "Sauce" Ready to taxi, and clear of traffic!!. Dedicated to Capt. Jose M� Mendizabal. (mehr von EC-HJI)
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OO-SBZ Just landind in Almeria in the morning. (mehr von OO-SBZ)
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OE-LNK Overflying Almeria AEI/LEAM, see the city and where our tomatoes and strawberrys come from. (mehr von OE-LNK)
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D-AHFM Almeria is luckily one of the few airports in europe where you 'have to' walk over the ramp (mehr von D-AHFM)
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D-AHFM After a very early morning departure at FRA (04:35 LT) we finally arrived at Almeria's rwy 26 as HF3613 (mehr von D-AHFM)
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D-AKNI. This plane was left on the "chocks" for a great length of time with the engines running-the flight was badly delayed. You can see the chocks at the nosewheel. (mehr von D-AKNI)
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G-CVYG (missing tail in the collection on Planepictures.Net)26. (mehr von G-CVYG)
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G-CVYG (first flight by Belgian crew) in approach in Almeria runway 26. Notice the shadow of the airplane with gear down. (mehr von G-CVYG)
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D-ALAA .. turning into finals with impressive look at the Sierra Nevada (mehr von D-ALAA)


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D-ALAA .. the one and only plane @ Almeria (mehr von D-ALAA)